The Best Frangrances To Women Love


Frangrances have 3 ‘notes’. The base which lasts the longest, the middle and the upper. Favourite bases in oil based fragrances are ambergris (not available in the US because of animal protection laws) and dehen. The best frangrances are those where the notes make love to one another on your skin and let out a range of frangrances that are interated but different…kind of like the colours of the northern lights! vanilla-fragrance-bottle.jpg

It really all depends on what your own likes are but I think anything with the bulgarian rose (or Taifi rose as they call it in arabic shops) and a dehen base smells good for summer I’m not sure about women’s frangrances for winter. Zara have a fantastic stock of single note frangrances at a very cheap price. They have bulgarian rose by itself.


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