Spring 2009 Jewelry Trends

home jewellery businesses I thought some hints on the key trends might be helpful.
As always we must begin with color. There are three important color stories for the season.
The first is black and white.
The new take for this graphic combo is floral. Pretty all over large flowers. What’s really fresh for black and white is taking it in a less slick direction and adding a more textural attitude.
I believe using fabric wrapped beads, printed ceramic, and glass beads from India that are imperfect is a great way to achieve a crisp but natural look for this palette.

Spring2009-Jewelry-Trends.jpgCoral and yellow is the warm palette this spring/summer. Look to the continent of India for inspiration.

Use patterned beaded and etched metals to complement your colors. Antique finished on metal, and rose gold platings can really make this theme a bit more directional.


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