What really makes Beyonce a model of fashion commercials

Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce Knowles is multi-talented and multi-successful, rich and famous, young and happy. Beyonce is not only a singer, she is fabulous actress and model has become one of the biggest trend setters in the entertainment world nowadays.

Music, movies, concerts, beauty commercials, fashion, even life style are their organic environment.
However, Beyonce seems to have successfully avoided (avoided, not escaped) the apparently inevitable spill of rumors, scandals, envy and hate. No one hates her openly, isn’t this the case?
BlackAmericaWeb says Beyonce can sing and dance. She is stylish, admired, and can fulfill “less-than-challenging” roles in movies. She is gorgeous one. Her hair style is a kind of trade mark and has been followed widely.

But all that – like many, many others.
However, Beyonce can well hold her own against any model.

At the same time, Beyonce treats her sexuality like a natural quality that she controls rather than some freakish thing that sneaked up on her one night and commandeered her mind
and body a la Li’l Kim, who begs exorcism, or Britney Spears, who seems stunned and confused by it, or even Janet Jackson, who began treating it like she alone possessed it?
That is the very point, isn't it?


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