Supermodel: Irina Lazareanu

Irina Lazareanu

Kate Moss has chosen Irina Lazareanu to model the new collection she designed for the U.K. retailer TopShop. Irina was introduced to Moss before her modelling days, when she was a drummer in Pete Doherty’s band Babyshambles. In 2005 Kate Moss was guest-editing French Vogue and decided to cast Irina in a shoot.

“Kate thinks she’s got a very unique, rock-chick look. She really felt that Irina embodies the feel of her TopShop range - her porcelain skin, her big eyes under her thick Sixties fringe - it was a look Kate was impressed with,” a source close to Moss told Vogue.

Irina Lazareanu has become the supermodel since meeting Kate Moss. She has been modeling for such big fashion houses as Chanel, Mulberry and Hugo Boss.


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