Amanda's Top Ten on Fashion girl


This photo of the model is a long shot. Her entire body from head to toe is in view. This photo is all about the model. She’s slightly off center to keep the photo interesting. The camera has slightly been crabbed left. The background appears to be a corner of a mono-chromatic room, which grounds the model preventing her from appearing as a floating object. The angle of the shot is at a slight low angle. It’s not low enough to be a worm’s eye shot. The model appears confident and in charge of the situation as a result of the camera angle chosen. The lighting in this shot is coming from right side and is slightly raised creating a shadow that’s positioned lower than the model on her right. The light bounces off of the left side of her face, left hand, and left knee. Her white skin has a perfect glow. This totally contrasts with the dark outfit composed mainly of black and shades of dark brown, and the background which is cement gray.


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