flore Fashion show


Fashion Cafe, that ill-executed, Hard Rock Cafe-esque eatery in Rockefeller Center where you could look at sequined corsets while chowing on cheeseburgers, didn't last long. (Namely because it wasn't easy gnawing on chicken fingers while staring at photos of models.) In any case, bona fide fashion people seem to gravitate to a predestined set of eateries, especially during the season. That was abundantly clear today at CafĂ© Flore in Saint-Germain. Listed in no particular order and eating in different parts of the restaurant were photographers Mario Sorrenti and David Sims; Olivier Zahm and a similarly disheveled lady friend; the New York Times' Stefano Tonchi, Alix Browne, and Karla Martinez; Jessica Stam and a bevy of other models; and the stressed-out assistant posses of both Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen. Talk about working lunches. "They should just have the castings here right now," one person quipped, adding—after another diner pointed to an overeager, posing new face—"I think some people think this is one."


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