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sexy_models-Loren Cronk

Perhaps it's no coincidence that denim designers obsessed with ass-shaping should, occasionally, spare a thought for ass-shaking, too. For Lips Jeans founders Loren Cronk and Daniel Donahue, ass-shaking is most definitely the point of their Polite Society night at the Williamsburg bar K&M. Launched in late January and continuing every Thursday for the foreseeable future, the party sees the duo take to the decks, the better to get people to show off their denim on the dance floor. "Actually, Loren's out in L.A. for a while," admitted Donahue at last night's edition of the Polite Society. But that's OK, because Donahue has indie cred for two: A founding member of Great Lakes (a.k.a., the band that played the Loden Dager show last season), Donahue got his professional start working with Lance Bangs on videos and film projections for bands such as Pavement, R.E.M., and Belle and Sebastian. more...


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